Specialist Doctor Consultation

School Health Program Is A Comprehensive Health Screening Program Designed To Be Conducted At School, Focused On Improving Student’s Overall Academic Performance, Physical & Mental Wellness Through Preventive Full Body Holistic Medical & Health Checkup.

Monthly Checkup                            BP Checkup

Routine Checkup                              Hight , Weight


Experience Nursing Staff

  • Perform Hearing, Vision And Other Health Screenings.
  • Treat Students And Staff As Needed.
  • Able To Provide Basic Treatment In Times Of Emergency
  • Develop Care Plans For Students With Ongoing Conditions
  • Consult With Teachers, School Administrators And Other School Staff Regarding Student Care
  • Administer Medication
  • Educate Students And Staff On Health Procedures
  • School Nurses Oversee The Emotional, Mental, Physical And Social Health Of Students. School Nurses May Work At Any Level Of Education From Preschool To College. They Provide Students With Basic Health Services Throughout The School Day.

Health Education Seminar

  • The relationship between health and education is doubtless a close one. Health education builds students’ knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes about health.
  • Health education teaches about physical, mental, emotional and social health. It motivates students to improve and maintain their health, prevent disease, and reduce risky behaviors.
  • Health education is a process which informs, motivate and help people to adopt and maintain healthy practices and life styles; advocates environmental changes as needed to facilitate this goal and conducts profession training and research to the same end.

Speciality Health Check-Up Camp

The Main Goal Of School Health Camp Is To Ensure That Students Are Healthy In School, And Ready To Learn.

  1. From Childhood Only The Children Should Inherit The Habit Of Health Checkup For Early Detection And Prevention Of Diseases.
  2. Educate Students To Become More Healthy And Aware To Live Healthy Living.
  3. Digitization Of Health Record So We Can Locate The Relevant Information Easily And Ultima tally Eco-Friendly.
  • We Conduct Health Check-Up By Our Experienced Doctors At School Premises. We Also Provide The Benefit Of One-To-One Consultation With The Doctors And Examination Report Of Each And Every Child After The Medical Check-Up To The School/Parents.
  • Health Checkup By Physicians (Pediatrician And Other Doctors)
  • Complete Health Check-Up (Screening, Clinical Examination, ..)
  • Recommends Appropriate Precautions And Interventions To Students/Parents/Teachers.
  • Examination Report For Each Student Handed Over To School/Students. Thus Parents Stay Updated With Their Child’s Health.
  • We Also Maintained Electronic Copy Of Examination Report For Every Student In Our Web Based Health Record Management Software.
  • Since This Is School Affiliated Program, It Is Made Compulsory For All Students.

Emergency Services

  • We Are Connected To A Multi-Specialist Hospital In An Area Of 3 Kilometers From The School.
  • We Work To Ensure That Any Student Or Staff At The School Can Be Treated In A Short Time In Any Situation Like Heart Attack, Accident.
  • Injury or illness emergencies can happen at any time including during the school day.
  • Often the school nurse may be the only health professional in the building who is formally trained to respond to a medical crisis.
  • In addition, school nurses are also prepared to assist in larger emergency events or disasters that affect multiple students and staff, such as weather related events, environmental exposures, or violent crimes.

Mediclaim Facility

  • Get ₹50,000 Thousand Health Cover @ ₹200/Month*
  • 0 Day To Start
  • Cashless Facilities
  • Instant Purchase; Immediate Receipt
  • Restoration Benefit On Sum Insured
  • No Room Rent Capping
  • 30 Day Before Operation & 30 Day After Operations
  • Pre-Hospitalization And Post Hospitalization Cover
  • 10,000+ Hospitals For Cashless Treatment
  • T&C*

Sports Physiotherapy Consult

  • Sports Physiotherapists are involved in the prevention and management of injuries resulting from sport participation at all ages and at all levels of ability.
  • These specialized physiotherapists provide evidence-based advice on safe participation in sport.
  • Sports and exercise physiotherapists have the skills to respond appropriately to an acute injury or illness in various contexts, such as training or competition.
  • Furthermore, they promote an active lifestyle to aid individuals in improving and maintaining their quality of life.
  • Sports Physiotherapists also play a huge role in helping athletes of all ages and all levels of ability to enhance their performance.
  • “The essential role of the sports physiotherapist is to provide treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and also to provide support for performance through injury prevention, maintenance and recovery interventions.”

Blood Donor

  • Our Company Connects With NGO Working In The Service Of Society And Provides Blood To Those In Need.
  • We Do Camps For Blood Donation In Different Parts Of Gujarat.
  • We Try To Create Awareness Among The People For Blood Donation.
  • We Use The Blood Collected In Our Camp To Help People In Need In Emergencies.
  • We Have Also Created A System That Allows People In Need To Interact With Blood Donors Using Our Application.
  • If any student in Gujarat needs blood, we are trying to be a network that can provide it.


All Student Home Care Service

  • Nursing
  • Lab Test
  • Counseling
  • Critical Care
  • Elder Care
  • Diabetes Care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Covid-19 Care
  • Trained Attendants
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Nutrition & Diet Consultation
  • Newborn Baby & Mother Care
  • Medical Equipment


Medical & Surgical Item Provide

  • Storage And Transport Medical Equipment
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Diagnostic Medical Equipment
  • Electronic Medical Equipment
  • Surgical Medical Equipment
  • Procedural Medical Equipment


As A Complete Home Medical Care Provider, Svasthay Setu Offers A Range Of Medical Equipment For Purchase Or On Rental Basis For Long Term/Short Term Use At Home. All The Medical Equipments Are Branded, Well Maintained. We Arrange Transportation And Installation Of The Equipments At The Patient’s Home.

  • Nebulizer
  • Manual /Automatic Bed
  • Multi Function Monitor
  • ECG Machine
  • BP Machine
  • DVT Pump
  • Suction Machine
  • Syringe Pump
  • Pulse Oximeter

Digital Healthcare Management System

# Online Browsing System

  • Svasthay setu Browsing system available for students and staff mange
  • 100 % Secure System
  • Easy Mange
  • Anywhere to manage this system
  • Student health Record


# Mobile Application

  • Android and ISO System available our application
  • Booking online appointment
  • Digital Prescription
  • Save health record

Full Body Check-Up Report

    • Blood Glucose Fasting
    • Complete Blood Count
      • Total Leucocyte Count
      • Hemoglobin
      • RDW CV
      • RDW SD
      • Red Blood Cell Count
      • Mean Corpuscular Volume
      • Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin
      • Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration
      • Mean Platelet Volume
      • PDW
      • Absolute Leucocyte Count (includes 5 tests)
      • Platelet Count
      • Differential leucocyte Count (includes 5 tests)
      • Packed Cell Volume
    • Lipid Profile
      • Chol : HDL Ratio
      • Cholesterol-Total, Serum
      • HDL Cholesterol Direct
      • LDL Cholesterol -Direct
      • Non – HDL Cholesterol, Serum
      • Triglycerides, Serum
      • VLDL
    • Thyroid Simulating Hormone
    • Liver Function Test
      • Aspartate Aminotransferase
      • Protein Total, Serum (includes 3 tests)
      • Bilirubin (Total, Direct and Indirect) (includes 3 tests)
      • Gamma Glutamyl Transferase
      • Alanine Transaminase
      • Alkaline Phosphatase
    • Kidney Function Test
      • BUN Urea Nitrogen, Serum
      • Creatinine, Serum
      • Urea, Serum
      • Uric Acid, Serum
    • Urine Routine & Microscopy
      • Cast
      • Colour
      • Crystals
      • Epithelial cells
      • pH Urine
      • Pus cells (Leukocytes) Red blood cells Specific gravity
      • Sugar Transparency Urobilinogen
      • Nitrate
      • Protein urine
      • Ketone
      • Appearance
      • Urobilinogen

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